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2017                Colloid Chemistry Award (American Chemical Society, ACS)

2016                Stephanie Kwolek Award (Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC)

2016                August T Larssons Scholar (Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet)

2016                Fulbright Scholar (Fulbright Foundation and Commission)

2016                UNESCO Medal for Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies

2016                Rexford E. Hall Innovation Excellence Award (University of Michigan)

2014                MRS Medal (MRS)

2014                Best of New Technologies Award (Popular Science)

2014                Highly Cited Researcher in Materials Science (Thompson Reuter)

2014                Highly Cited Researcher in Chemistry (Thomson Reuter)

2014                Materials Research Society Fellow (MRS)

2014                MRL Seminar (California Institute of Technology)

2014                IIN Frontiers in Nanotechnology Lecture (Northwestern University)

2014                Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS)

2013                Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

2013                Langmuir Lecturer Award (ACS)

2012                Stine Award for Materials Research (AICHE)

2012                Kennedy Family Research Team Award (UM)

2011                Top 100 Materials Scientists in 2000-2010 (Thomson Reuter)

2011                Top 100 Chemists in 2000-2010 (Thomson Reuter)

2009                Top 100 R&D Award (Small Business, R&D Magazine)

2009                Changjiang Scholar (Education Ministry of China)

2009                World University Fellow (Government of Korea)

2008                Gutenberg Award (Government of Alsace)

2008                Top 50 Award (NASA, Nanotech Briefs)

2008                Top 10 Discoveries of the Year (Wired Magazine)

2007                College of Engineering Research Excellence Award (University of Michigan)

2007                Caddell Award (University of Michigan)

2006                Walton Award (Government of Ireland)

2006                Welliver Fellow (The Boeing Co.)

2006                Gran Prix, Materials Research Society Entrepreneurship Challenge (MRS)

2001                Junior Faculty Award for Academic and Scholarly Excellence (OSU)

1998                NSF CAREER  (NSF)

1996                Humboldt Fellow (Humboldt Foundation, Germany)

1986                Mendeleev Fellowship (Moscow State University)