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Welcome to the Kotov Lab!

The mission of our group is to carry out creative, thorough, and meaningful research in the area of nanoscale materials and promote the professional development of our group members in the process. We often cross the boundaries into adjacent disciplines such as biology, optics, medicine, electronics, energy, and other areas of Science. We strive to solve overarching technological problems using our diverse expertise in nanomaterials.

In many ways, the personal growth of researchers is inseparable from the fundamental advancements of their research. Fostering the intellectual and career development of students and post-docs forms the foundation of the academic culture of the Kotov Lab. Creative, inquisitive people of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy taking a critical approach to problem solving will find a stimulating and rewarding opportunity here. We value integrity, hard work, and imagination in every person with whom we work.

The practical realization of discoveries is a big part of our everyday work. Transition from experiment to prototype takes time, effort, and a good deal of unorthodox solutions. Distinctive properties of nanomaterials such as their ability to self-assemble, high strength, conductivity, and chirality offer exciting technological opportunities. We collaborate with colleagues around the globe to make these transitions possible and take pride in the innovation of our past accomplishments.

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Nicholas A.  Kotov

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